The power of managing my mind

I wanted to share the incredible power of managing my mind for anyone who needs a little proof of the power of managing their mind:

Yesterday morning my husband left for work and came back inside telling me to call the police. My daughter’s new car had been vandalized (all four tires and rims had been removed, the side window was smashed in and her car was sitting on a rock in my driveway).

What did I do? I managed my mind. I chose how I wanted to feel and I thought on purpose. This helped my daughter stay calm and we handled the situation in a rational way.

Then at 12 pm last night my son woke my husband and I up in a panic. He had been Skyping with someone from a dating app and was “catfished”. The person was blackmailing him for money and threatening to post some embarrassing photos.

What did I do? I managed my mind. I knew that I could choose how I wanted to show up for my son and that was calm, understanding and rational. I talked with him about how to manage his mind and not give the “villains” any more power. By moving up the emotional scale from “shame” to “anger” he was able to take steps to notify whoever needed to be notified about what happened and try to get some sleep.

I am so grateful that I have the tools to manage my mind in any situation and for the power of teaching my children that they always have a choice to manage theirs as well

With gratitude