The power of our thoughts

Hey Brooke,

I was the one who mentioned the Instagram course that I paid for.

Alright, once I was honest with myself And changed my thinking about the course, I realized that I am still able to get value from it.

I was so negative about it in the beginning, so I judged everything. Even the things I didn’t know, I kept thinking “well I could’ve just googled that”.

But in all honesty, I’ve done the “I’ll google it” thing and then I get sucked in to this week long research on one single thing when I could’ve just gotten what I needed to know in like 20 minutes.

So now when I think differently about the course, there are things that I do know, also some things that I don’t know but more importantly there’s structure and all concepts are in a single place with work sheets that I can jot down my ideas, goals and action steps for my insta gram strategy.

I do know some other things that aren’t in this course but those things I can just blend in there as needed.

I can see now how when we think harshly about something, that is all we see.

So interesting…

By the way, do you know our names when we post on here ?