The power of tutoring

I tried tutoring for the first time today (thanks Katie Pulsifer). Two hours after tutoring, and I’ve uploaded a presentation that I’ve been procrastinating for weeks.

My challenge is to execute the plans I make, to follow through on the commitments I make to myself. I think I was trying to skip ahead to feeling better, and then let anxiety rule the day, as I was unable to self coach my way past negative emotion.

Katie’s spot on intentional thought / bridge thought was: I anticipated dreading the work today. I expected you to show up, boredom. I’m gonna push through and get the work done anyway.

I would love some additional advice on:
How to do what you said you would do – how to honour commitments I make to myself, even when I dont want to in the moment.
How to constrain and simplify life. I think a big part of the overwhelm I often feel is that I have committed to too much.