The Practice of A Thought

I am currently someone who eats what she wants whenever she wants.
I want to quit flour and sugar and also implement at some point intermittent fasting.

I am aware of my current thoughts about such protocol and they are:
“It won’t be fun.”
“It will be hard.”
“I will starve.”
“But I want it.”
“I love to eat too much.”
“Fasting sucks.”
“I don’t believe I will follow through.”

I read blogs of other women who practice IF regularly and don’t eat flour and sugar and wrote down some of their thoughts:
“Hunger is when the magic happens.”
“I love feeling confident and empowered when I fast.”
“I love giving my body such love without flour and sugar.”
“My life is so much better since I started fasting.”
“Of course I will follow through.”

If I take the thought, for example, “Of course I will follow through” – what does it actually look like to practice it?
What does the practice of a thought I currently don’t believe looks like?