The pressure

Hi Brooke,

I’m part of the upcoming April LCS Coach Training. I think I’m going crazy studying and trying to be 100% prepared ahead of April. I’m freaking out about what niche I’ll pick, because my mind is telling me I need to start being a master in it NOW and I need to know my program and how to teach it and every answer NOW. I also find it really hard to believe I can help people through life coaching when I don’t have a clear HOW to help people (what problem I solve, for who). I go around and around with this, desperately trying to get everything aligned and ready and I never get there.

I also have a goal of making $45,000 in my first year, and that thought is putting so much pressure on me. I don’t have time to not be great once I get started because I need to be making money right away to hit that goal. I need to know everything now so that when the certification training is done I can hit the ground running and actually make this goal. I don’t know how to know exactly HOW to do it all in advance, and I can’t seem to stop my brain from worrying and doubting and being so scared. I would so appreciate some help here. I’m feeling lost in this anxiety.