The Pure Circumstance Of An Urge

I listened to Brooke’s Pure Circumstance podcast episode and have a question/realization:

Before I knew Brooke’s work I dieted for all of my life, never really knowing what I know today (about how my lower brain works, what it prefers, how it generates thoughts for me that create desire and what we call urges).

After listening to this episode for the 3rd time something (I think) clicked: I imagined myself having an urge to overeat, and if I dropped language I cannot even use the word urge, or eat, or the certain food my brain urges me to eat at the moment. And when I drop the language, there is nothingness. There is no urge anymore.
It’s just me, sitting there, with nothingness in my mind.
It’s only for a few seconds, and then a calmness washes over me in the best way possible, and a question pops up:
“Whatever this was a moment ago is gone. What do you want to do now? Because there’s nothing to attend, resist, push, or change. Someone wiped the slate clean.”
It’s almost as if someone just deleted the last minute experience I had, which started with me having an urge to overeat, and a moment after, it’s as if it never happened. Because if there is no language, there is no urge.

It feels so empowering and freeing that my brain thinks I probably didn’t get it right, especially since Brooke said it is an advanced and complex concept.
Does my experience sound like what Brooke meant in terms of how pure circumstance feels?