The quality of a project.

I’m working on a research project proposal with a colleague.  This is the first time that I met him and worked with him.

When I joined the project I thought he was going to be the principal researcher and I would act in a supporting role because the topic is new to me.  When we started working I noticed that he was not taking the lead, also I didn’t like the quality of his writing and I have a lot of doubts about the value of the project as a whole, but because I went along a little bit.

This is my UM:
C: Research Project Proposal with Colleague
T: This is not a good project or This project is flawed or not correct
F: Hesitant
A: Avoid working on the project
Don’t say anything about how I think
Don’t engage with the overall topic
Procrastinate & Buffer w/ Social Media
Get distracted with other things
Don’t follow my plan/calendar MHO
Don’t ask for help
R: I don’t make it good.

My question is if I have to step in and change things my way, take the leading role and make it good, or if this is a perfectionistic tendency that evaluates everything as not good enough.