The reason

Hi coaches

I’m still working on the doubtful thoughts /thought error about my bf.
Its going pretty good but i noticed that i get lots lots of anxiety when i can’t leave the story where i think hes not the right one etc.
And i also did lots of selfcoaching these few days and noticed that me working on these comes from a place of fear. Fear to break up, fear of the change, fear of letting go. So i let myself go there and ask myself what would my choice be if i werent scared of that. And i just was succesful once and the answer was: yes i would choose to stay because i want to stay. Because i love this relationship and his the best and we are the best. And when i come from that place its much better.

The thing is when the doubts come up and i cant seem to get out of them, i start panicking because i’m scared its going to drive me to break up. And as i metioned that scares the shit out of me.
And when i have so much fear/anxiety i cant seem to access the love,gratitude and happiness i have for my bf. And i know i feel all of these. I have lots of times.

So i try to go back and put myself again in the position of not being scared to break up, so I can redecide if i WANT to stay. And then I can remind myself i have a positive reason. But my brain doesnt let me go there because i’m scared. Any suggestions on that? I feel relieved because I own the reason/thought and because i choose to stay with him anyway. But how do I remind myself of that if my brain is so scared to go there?

Thank so much coaches!! I appreciate you!! 🙂