The Right Coach

Hi Brooke,

Before I joined SCS I hired a life coach and purchased 10 sessions from her, which were very helpful.
She was aware that I joined SCS two sessions into our coaching and noticed incredible transformation thanks to that.
Upon completion of this pack, she said she thinks I am ‘good to go’ and unless I have something else I want to work on, we can part ways.
I am very grateful for our work together and acknowledge her contribution.

Midway into our coaching, further her and your advice I hired also a screenwriting coach and had four sessions with her so far.
The issue is that I have a mixed experience with her in many ways. She is cynical, old school, tough, and frankly comes across as tired of this aspect of her work, tired of emerging writers making beginners mistakes. I feel as if she is utterly unexcited to coach me.

When I think what would Brooke say, these are some of the things that come to mind:
‘She gets to be who she is’
‘Love the reason you are leaving’
‘Process these emotions of discomfort you have’

So what is your take on this? I know you sing your coach’s praise but I don’t know if you ever had another coach before him that you discontinued working with and how you dealt with that. Would love to hear your take on my situation and if you could also share about choosing the right coach.

P.S. – I joined SCS in February and I am exactly 30 pounds less ,3 months after. How is that for a C line? 🙂