The river of misery as it applies to Stop Overeating

I am on week 3 of my protocol and very clearly in the river of misery, but I wanted to know if my experience was normal or if it means I should change my protocol? I have been BONE TIRED since day 7 or 8 of my protocol. I am not a gal who takes naps or sleeps for more than 7.5 hours, but recently I have been so exhausted in the mornings that I feel stuck to the sheets, and in the afternoons I have difficulty psychically keeping my eyes open and feeling like my muscles and bones are so utterly pooped that I need to sit for much longer periods of time than I’m used to (especially with a 4 year old at home).

I have lost 12 pounds (WOOT!) and have been intermittent fasting with of course no flours or sugars. I do a 24 hour fast M-W and an 18 hour fast Th-Sun. Is my body just not fat adapted yet and causing killer cravings and exhaustion, or am I going too extreme?

Thanks so much!