The scale

When I step on that scale, my brain goes absolutely nuts.

I really try to not latch onto those thoughts, but they are some of the strongest thoughts I have. I stepped on the scale today and immediately felt urges – due to my thoughts, of course.

C scale showed numbers
T you MUST restrict your food
F urge to overeat
A went and ate pizza
R continue to eat in a way that tells me I must restrict my food

Every time I step on the scale, my brain has some sort of reaction that I buy into. It can ruin my entire day.

Try again

C scale showed numbers
F unbothered
A go on with my day

But, I think it’s more than this. Like, I have SUCH a fear of getting fat that I feel I can’t let go of the desire to be thinner.

I mean, do I have to 100% accept my current body and weight?