The scale went up

I stepped on the scale this morning and fully expected it to go down, because I followed my eating and movement plan exactly, but it went up by .6 lbs. I know .6 lbs is minimal, there are a lot of variables to consider, and to take the scale as feedback and information, but where I’m struggling is it’s influencing my confidence to stay on course. I’m only two days in to committing to my eating plan, so this feels ridiculous to want to jump ship or question if it’s working, but historically if I eat below 1,800 calories and maintain my my activity level I see the scale go down. Seeing the scale move in the opposite direction is bringing up my underlying belief that because I’m 40 and have hypothyroidism + Hashimotos I’m not able to lose weight, which is the actual concern I’m writing in about. This lurking belief is extinguishing my confidence that anything will work or that the only thing that will work will be to go on a super strict autoimmune diet, which always seems to make me more focused on a disease that I hardly notice otherwise. My belief that just eating less will actually work is keeping me from sticking with ANY plan for longer than two days. I usually jump ship due to discomfort, this time I seem to be willing to manage the discomfort of change, but the confidence in this being the plan or that I’m doing it wrong is creeping in my head and creating all the chatter to give up or try something new.

Here’s the model I have::

C: The scale went up .6 lbs
T: This isn’t working
F: Defeated
A: I stop recording my eats & staying under 1,800 calories. I start having a glass of wine a day again.
R: I stay at the same weight

Will you help me work through this so I can actually believe the thoughts I will put in my intentional model?

Thank you so much!