The scales and I

Hi Brooke !
I’ve always been very reluctant to step on the scales and I’ve just realised I believe its number has nothing to do with my actions. I believe my weight fluctuates for some strange and mysterious reasons like the time of the month or my tiredness or water retention… Things I feel I have no control over.
Therefore, I can be very discouraged whenever I see the number going up or staying the same if I follow my protocol. Or I can be very surprised when the number gets down if I haven’t focused on eating well. But since you recommend we step on the scales daily, I’m trying to come up with another belief. What are your thoughts on the following patterns ?
Unintentional model
C – scales’ number
T – I don’t understand why it’s up or the same or even down.
F – powerless
A – I don’t focus on my eating habits.
R – the scales number varies from day to day.
Intentional model
C – scales’ number
T – I’m powerful – if I focus on daily actions and goals, I can decide what number the scales are going to show.
F – powerful
A – I focus on what I eat, drink and how much rest I get.
R – my weight corresponds to my eating plan and gets down because I want it to.
Thank you so much !
Have an amazing day!