The secret vs the model


I am new here in the “What’s Possible” week. I started in No BS with Corrine, lost 50 lbs, and have done work with the model. My question is when I think about the idea behind the secret and other self help type books it seems to want the person not to have any negative thoughts and only focus on positive thoughts. To not let negative thoughts in… I find the Secret blames the person for any negative thoughts or emotion. I followed the Secret in the past and other self help which also says being at a higher vibration will allow good things in your life. The brain is great at being an ass and negative so therefore you are responsible for not being successful in the self help world.

My work is finding the blocks in my brain that seem to prevent me from even dreaming. My husband is so good at dreaming, wanting, and feeling his dreams of being successful. I feel as if in my life I have been scared to believe and dream big… signing up to be here is my first step. I’m scared, but I am here.

Do you have ideas on how to get into my brain to find my dreams? I am putting success at 1 million in 5 years – I make 200K currently working for a company but am wanting to reach my potential or pushing and really feeling that success equals money.

Are there any journaling or ways to start to do the work?

Thank you for this opportunity.