The Skill Stack Model…stuck between #3 and #4

The Skill Stack 1) awareness 2) Thought Choice 3) Process your emotions 4) Take massive action and 5) The production. I am actively engaged in understanding and practicing my skills within the skill stack model. I am proud to say that over the last several months things have been going well and I am becoming stronger in awareness and thought choice by primarily keeping my prefrontal cortex engaged. The difficulty is to consistently process emotions in order to get ready to take massive action. Some of my immediate goals are easier to accomplish than others but I keep trying. My question is how to keep the momentum going toward longer term goals and take planned massive action steps in areas of my life? How do I sustain my ability to process emotions, be strong and face discomfort without becoming exhausted? I am striving /working to achieve results – and I have in some areas while other areas are not as far along in the process. Am I off track? Or do I just need to be patient and keep moving ahead?