The space between believing in and having what you want.

Hello! I listened to the latest entrepreneur class about getting to the next step financially. After a year of working on believing that I can make $150k this year, my thoughts are consistent that I do really believe this about myself. In my industry I really only need one job to get to $150k and I feel confident I will get that job this year if I keep following my massive action/fails etc. I haven’t created it yet but I definitely believe I am going to make it and that I’m taking the right actions to get there. Not getting it doesn’t even feel like an option anymore because I know I will keep working and readjusting until I do. What is my next step in finding which thoughts to change so that my thoughts match what I am creating? According to the video there are still limiting thoughts otherwise I would have $150k right now, right? How do I figure out what they are so that I can change them?