The story I want

Hi there!
I have written 5 pages of the story I want for my life. But as I re-read it or think of new details to add, it makes no sense to me now. The life I want for myself is the same life I have now, with maybe more subtle conveniences such as -I would have a driver-, or -I would have more time for myself or for my kids. And it makes no sense to me because I realize the things I would change, I would change them to feel better, or to get a certain emotion, or to avoid a certain emotion. And given all we know now…everything in my life seems to me just perfect as it is. I don’t see the point in thinking about another ideal life for me. Every detail that comes to my mind seems insignificant to me, and I discover myself thinking: -I don’t really need any of this, I wouldn’t really want any of this-.

C: Homework -the story I want for me-
T: The emotions (F) I want for my life won’t depend on the C, so no matter what the Cs are
F: Surprised, paralyzed, peaceful, observant
A: I don’t search for goals
R: I don’t change anything in my life