The Struggle of Knowing When It’s "Prefrontal Cortex" or "Inner Critic, "Primal Mind" or "True Self"

I don’t understand how to frame my inner conflicts. I could say that my primal self wants to sleep in to conserve energy, but I could also say that my wiser self wants to sleep in to avoid sleep deprivation and knows I have nothing scheduled in the morning. That would mean it’s my inner critic telling me what a lazy ass I am for sleeping in every chance I get.

I plan out days according to Monday Hour One and then I think “this is absurd, this isn’t what I want at all!” Does that mean my Inner Critic took control of my MHO and now my true self is saying, “What is this crap? I don’t want to actually do any of this.” Or does that mean my Wiser Self made a schedule and now my Primal self is feeling lazy?