The T line

I’ve been doing this work for awhile now. I’ve been in Jody’s program for over a year, I’m a VIP in SCS, and I’ve even worked one on one with an amazing LCS graduated coach. And still, my mind is blown that I don’t have the result I want because of the T line. Like seriously…wow. I’m watching one of the videos in the HTFB course and Brooke said the reason you’re not getting the result you want is because of a thought. Like, I know that, but I don’t know that I always realize that. The reason I only have one visit to my website every day is because of my thoughts. It is TOTALLY within my control. And that is such good news! I can look at all my thoughts about my website and see what thought is causing that result. This is seriously mind blowing to me. I’ve been doing the work nearly every day for over a year and my mind is still getting blown. I just wanna shout to the rooftops how awesome this is!