The thought that something is wrong with me

I’ve been having this thought recently. It seems to sneak in and it sounds true when it appears in my brain. Or sometimes it sounds like ‘maybe something is wrong with me’ which implies that maybe I just don’t realize it but there is actually something wrong with me.
It is normally after I’ve overeaten and I’m beating myself up but it can come up when I’m having any uncomfortable emotion. And it brings shame and fear.
Today in my coaching session the lovely coach said, what if there isn’t something wrong with me. And that question has been playing in my head all afternoon. And then I finally realized, ‘something wrong with me’ is almost always going to be a thought. It’s hardly ever going to be a fact.
So I can stop wondering or worrying if its true and just live my life!
This is a huge realization.
So when it comes, which I’m guessing it still will, do I argue with it? Or do I just realize it’s not useful and let it pass? I know from previous experience trying to suppress negative thoughts doesn’t help.
Any extra advice to let it go when it comes up? Thank you so much for the coaching sessions they are so worth it!!!!!