The thoughts I have about my finances are/aren’t serving me.

I am working on creating a new thought pattern around being less fearful to look at my financial accounts. Please provide feedback on the intentional and unintentional model below.

C: Looking at my financial accounts
T: I don’t have enough money to buy everything I want.
F: Scared
A: I avoid looking at my accounts, I unknowingly spend money without knowing where it goes, I pay myself first, put money into savings and pay all my bills, I donate 5% of my pay to people who need money, I look at my accounts once a month and judge my spending.
R: I waste so much time/energy obsessing about my spending without looking at the data.

C: Looking at my financial accounts
T: I am always in the flow and the numbers are simply data.
F: Secure
A: I make a tiny habit of clicking on my banking apps daily to simply look at the number. I choose not to create drama around the number, it’s simply a fact. I create self trust and confident in having money by looking at the flow. I accept with gratitude the money I receive.
R: I know how much money I have because I look at my account everyday.