The truth about burnout

Brooke and team,
I just finished listening to the last podcast for the SCS homework this month – the truth about burnout – and found it fascinating. While I was listening I had a realization and I’d like to check my thinking to see if I’m on the right track.

When I think about my 9-5 job, and the results I produce, I generally feel like I’m a very productive person. I really know how to get things done and I improved this skill even more with the ‘how to get it done’ month. I also realized though, when listening to the podcast, that sometimes I get stuff done from a place of negative emotion and that’s likely not leading me to the result I want Like, I’ll be doing research for a client (I’m a consultant) and I’ll think something like: “oh my gosh. I can’t believe they’re not able to do this themselves.” Or “what a disaster these people are.” Or “I’m really confused – they’re so confusing.”

So my UM model is:
C: client hires my team and I to do something
T: I can’t believe they can’t do this on their own
F: disinterested
A: Don’t really dive into the work/ don’t ask a lot of questions; assume that what I’m producing isn’t of that much value or should be done by someone else
R: produce something that’s ultimately not that useful

My intentional model needs to be:
C: client hires my team and I to do something
T: I want to help them solve their problem
F: motivated
A: Ask lots of questions to get to the root cause of the problem; really dive into the work; constantly ask client if what I’m producing is helpful; adjust as needed
R: produce product that is useful to the client (and one that I’m proud of)

I never really realized this before because generally I don’t get a lot of negative or constructive feedback from clients – maybe their expectations are just very low. But, I realize for me, this matters a lot. It matters so much for my ability to create things that are of value and make a contribution and be helpful. It sounds like what you’re saying from your podcast is that you’ll produce your best results when you create from positive emotion (abundance) rather than negative emotion. Am I on the right track?