The up-and-down relationship I have with my husband

Hi Brooke, I am new for March though I am a ‘graduate’ of The biggest issue in my life is the up-and-down relationship I have with my husband. We have split up a number of times in the last decade even though we are very often a kind and loving couple. We both have some crazy thought patterns and dark holes we fall into at the slightest conflict — something you might have identified as low tolerance for vibration or maybe even people pleasing. Mostly we really want each other to be happy in order for us to be happy. So my thought is that ‘I have a loving and happy marriage’. But it doesn’t feel dazzling enough, it almost feels like rationalizing or trying to sell myself on a thought. So many layers behind it — should I be more simple, or more complicated?Thank you for this and everything you have done to help me already, Suzanne


p.s. I see there was a negativity session in February, I am thinking of backtracking to that month because we certainly have a lot of that