The Urge Is Not The Issue

I am completely new to this work and quite astound by the notion that we actually get to question our thoughts.
I joined in order to lose weight and watched the entire Stop Overeating training, did the workbook and created myself a protocol.
Yesterday was the fourth day I was trying to overcome the urge to eat flour and sugar, my former regular breakfast foods, and I tried to slow down the thoughts and choose a different action by coaching myself in the moment.

So by the fourth day, surprisingly I realized that the urge itself it not what’s uncomfortable. It’s just a thought that creates an over desire for me to go and get that food.
What’s causing the discomfort is not completing the usual loop of going and getting it. It’s so strange. It’s as if the brain is troubled not only by the dopamine withdrawal, but it tells me, ‘hey, there’s a loop here we got to close, what’s taking you so long?’ And sure enough, the moment I close the loop and complete it with the flour and sugar, there is calmness and as if things finally settled down to where they should be.

Am I doing something wrong that the urge itself is not the issue with me but the need to close the loop?