The Urge Jar has me completely freaked out!

I just had a great coaching call in Scholars with one of your awesome coaches. I realized one of the reasons I have not been losing weight is because I have a “clean house”. No snacks, no treats, no binge food. I have NOT been allowing urges AT ALL. When I feel like bingeing, I drive to the store and get my favorite snacks. I don’t do this very often, but I do it often enough that I don’t lose weight. I eat clean most of the time. I go walking several times and week and go to the gym 2-3 times per week.

When my coach suggested I purchase 4 of my favorite snacks and have them in my house so I can practice allowing urges, I freaked out inside. I told her I do not trust myself to not eat those snacks if they are here. They will call to me until I eat them.

Then she suggested I watch Brooke’s video on The Urge Jar. I have an urge jar collecting dust in my kitchen. I have never used it. I watched the first video and I am freaked out. This is huge! I am afraid of what I might do with my favorite snacks in the house because I do not trust myself to be alone with them. I will eat them.

C: Favorite snacks in the house
T: I will eat them all immediately
F: shame
A: Stay stuck in this endless cycle, eat more snacks, gain more weight
R: Cannot be alone with my favorite snacks. I have no control over myself.

C: Favorite snacks in the house
T: I can learn to let snacks be here and not eat them
F: Confidence
A: Put a bead in the Urge Jar with each urge, write in my journal about it all, see myself differently
R: Be a person who can be around my favorite snacks and not feel I have to eat them. Allow urges.

Not sure I believe the second one but I see how important it is that I try this. I had no idea I had completely bypassed learning to sit with urges. Ugh.