The war in my head.

I think I know the answer to this, but I am going to ask it anyway. Through events with my autistic son, or even other events I am more aware of the mind thoughts versus what I really want. However, sometimes (like yesterday) I follow the mind and ended up having my own little adult temper tantrum. Yes, I know I am human. I know I am learning. I know I am super grateful to even have the awareness I do now compared to even a year ago. But how do I get beyond the mind? Learn from it for next time is probably part of the answer. I am wondering if I sometimes am not committed to going for a certain result because getting mad is familiar? Or maybe it is just continue the work. thought downloads/ journaling etc and continuing to improve? Sorry, I know this is kind of generic but wars are no fun. And as I type war I know I probably shouldn’t even label it that way. Anyway, thanks!