The Watcher and my intuition/gut- are they the same thing?

Dear Brooke and Co.,
I was reading self-coaching 101 and you introduce the idea of the Watcher/objective self connected to all things. For the last 15ish years, I have been, I don’t know how to explain this now, but “living in my head more than my body”- planning and doing my best to be more of a Spock character (logic driven) vs a Captian Kirk (impulsive emotional driven person). I know I have both logic and emotions and the simple polarity isn’t an effective model which led me to your work. I started this year doing work to heal and listen to my body- when I say “listen to my body” I am now wondering who I am listening to or trying to connect with there? I was trying to develop a connection and more integrated self where my gut/intuition/inner feminine wisdom was being tapped into/respected which I was alining more with feelings…which, oh boy this is where things start to breakdown and I am trying to reconcile all of this new info… I am curious if you would define The Watcher as your intuition/gut or if you would define this as something else?