The Watcher

Hi Brooke,
I have been in scholors for less than a month but wanted to first thank you for being an example of what is possible through all of your work. Whats sticking out to me this month the most, which is a radical change in my thoughts, is the concept of not caring so much about the thoughts, opinions or reactions to others—-that its fine for them to believe anything they wish, just like I too get to choose for me and that i dont need to have my own set of additional thoughts creating some “meaning” from theirs. Thats so powerful of a concept for me. That, so what about what they think, its neutral unless I MAKE it mean something with another thought.

Anyways, I am wondering if you can speak more about the “watcher” and how we learn that as the watcher we are “not our thoughts”, I get the sense it is our higher self… i have heard it mentioned briefly in some podcasts and the bonus box, but I cant fully grasp it yet, but believe it is onto something super powerful. I know another scholor recently asked about this as well, so I wonder if several of us don’t fully get it, maybe just because new?But i would love a deeper explinarion or to hear a podcast/live video someday (just suggestions). Thank you SO much for sharing all of your work with us Brooke, this is poweful stuff in just 3 weeks with starting to question that my thoughts may NOT be true, and the ones that are, may not be serving me to hold on to (and that i can choose to change them!) 🙂 Xo!