The Way I Gift

The Me a year ago was someone who uses food for every occasion. Celebrating, mourning, boredom, post-surgery, every reason was a reason to eat alone and with others.
I have lost 35 pounds through the Stop Overeating Course here and something profound happened few days ago:
I had two situations where I no longer gave the gift of food but rather chose something else.

A daughter of a friend had an appendix removal surgery. I went to visit her at home after the surgery and the me a year ago would have brought a basket of chocolates or pastries.
When I thought what to bring her, I went and bought her a book.

My mother in law was at the hospital for a week for some procedure. She loves to eat flour and sugary foods.
The me a year ago would buy her all those things. Instead I bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

So I used to gift in the same way I thought I was gifting myself but when that changed, my gifts to others changed too.

Thank you.