The Weight of Feeling Like I Have to Have it All Together as a Coach.

This year has been a lot for me emotionally. I know I’m not alone and that brings some comfort. But I really have had a rough time since March. With the pandemic, personal challenges with my previous home and people I lived with, losing most of my income in March, then losing all of my income in June, having to move, taking on rent when I’m not making money, fires in CA, social justice uprisings, and our political climate…I tried to manage my mind but didn’t do a very good job. I was so deep in despair and feeling like I was in fight or flight, trauma-response mode just a few weeks ago. Now as a Coach I feel that I’m not a good example of this work and therefore why would anyone want to work with me? I have no income and no clients right now and I just feel like I want to hide and not share my real struggles or experience with my audience. I feel like it would make me look like a fake, an imposter, just another Life Coach that doesn’t have her shit together. How do I keep showing up and being an example of this work when I struggle too? How can I help people when I’m broke, anxious, stressed, and panicked?