The Work and the Model

I’m a new SCS and soon starting certification. I’ve been devouring all the things, and then I discovered Byron Katie. I still devour the things, but I’m also very drawn to The Work. Of course, I can see how the Model flows out of The Work.

I’m wondering if I should be careful not to “mix” up the concepts too much at this time? The Work feels so intuitively logical yet somehow more…spiritual or “woo woo”…and the Model seems to bring it out of the “ether” into something “digestible” and easy to work within with the day-to-day world. Yet… Well, as I talk to my clients (I’ll coach anyone anytime, and they best get it now, while they can afford my free-ness! LOL!) I find myself seeing The Work behind the Model and then words like “inquiry” come out of my mouth. 🙂

Well, I just don’t know if I should “guard’ against that or let it flow and see what happens.

C: The Work and CTFAR exist as tools
T: I shouldn’t mix them up together at this “tender young” age as a Coach.
F: unsure
A: I don’t say what comes into my head as I’m coaching, though it feels like truth; I’m not as present with my client because I”m noticing that and pondering MY stuff, not theirs for a second; I question myself as a coach; I question what it means to be a coach; less energy flows out from me when I coach; I don’t explain The Work and just talk CTFAR concepts; I think “you’re no Byron Katie,” then I think “nor no Brooke neither” (sic) 🙂
R: I’m unsure who I am as a coach

For IM, I’ll start with the result: I am learning who I am as a coach
c: The Work and CTFAR exist as tools
T: If one tool was born out of the other, I could just put both (all of it) into my tool box.
F: curious
A: I let what seems right come out of my mouth without monitoring; I pay attention to how my words resonate or “work” for my client; I experiment; I let myself be my spiritual self, and modify the style to find the client’s need/style; I keep learning more in order to better incorporate the concepts and how I share them; I see if my clients (and myself as my own client) have even deeper results; I worry Brooke Castillo will call me out someday: “Hey! Don’t miss with my formula!”
R: I am learning who I am as a coach