The world

I’m starting the booklet How to Enjoy Being You and I’m wondering what to do with my models right now.

C: the world like it is
T: It’s unfair that some beings are thriving whereas others are in pain
F: rebellious
A: ruminating, finding more examples, resisting, looking for relief (buffering with food/phone call to complain and blame the world)
R: I create unfairness for myself because I don’t see that I am believing a thought that creates suffering for me so that I need relief (and I don’t see that I don’t need relief, I need to process the feeling)

So then I did a model on this feeling to figure out why I need relief when I feel it instead of processing it
C: rebellious
T: It’s tiring to be against everything all the time (+ it’s making me look like the never happy one)
F: resistance
A: buffering my feeling instead of feeling it by eating/TV
Avoiding feeling rebellious
Numbing myself
Not honoring myself, the info my body sends me
R: it’s not an acceptable feeling for me
I couldn’t find a more powerful result to give me some powerful awareness.
Could you help me with this, please?