The worst that can happen?

Hi. I am doing an exercise from the workbook about worst feeling and why we feel it.
So it is a multi-step exercise and I realized that the worst ever feeling that I am avoiding is public humiliation and failure.

And then, the next question goes “Why did you go in such lengths in avoiding it?” and I realized 2 things
1) Because I was taught that reputation is everything and you need to guard it and if you fail you will get this “bad” reputation of “loser” and you won’t be able to rebound,
2) I am afraid of public humiliation because it means I will be nothing, people will say nasty stuff behind my back, and I will loose every friend and I won’t be worthy of their friendship…

And here is the problem as I see it – once put on paper I realized at which point its non-serving nonsense, that none of that is true anymore (I am not 13 anymore) and now the question is HOW to reset the process? How should I re-wire those thoughts to correspond to a more adult vision of life?