The worst that can happen

What if I’m legit terrified of the worst thing that could happen?

For example, I know this sounds dumb – but – my whole life I’ve been the “successful” one vs. my sister. I’m scared to quit my job and go all-in on the coaching business I’ve built because I’m scared that she might surpass me in terms of “success” (i.e.: money and freedom). I currently am much more successful than her, and that feels very important to me (i.e.: my fragile / traumatized ego).

So what’s the worst case scenario? Well to me, it’s that she gets famous on social media for sharing her story – basically what I want! Like, if she just went viral and started making tons of money for doing little work….I feel like I would absolutely die.

How I’d really feel? Absolutely, totally, completely insignificant. That’s how I would feel. Completely insignificant.

Am I supposed to get okay with the feeling of insignificant?

Really appreciate any advice here. This is totally holding me back and I know how petty it sounds.