The worst thing that can happen is an emotion?

Hi Brooke. I am re-reading this month’s booklet and I have resistance believing what I read “the worst thing that can ever happen is an emotion”.
I think the worst thing that can happen is death, second worst is life time sentence in prison, then losing body parts, then losing a job and being hungry and cold because you are homeless etc. Help me out to see your point of view please.
For e.g. if you speak up at a job and boss disagree’s with you I may lose yiur job and potentially be homeless and hungry. The worst that can happen is not just an emotion but being homeless and hungry.
If you are learning to ride a bycicle, the worst that can happen is you fall and break an arm, it doesn’t grow well and you may lose your job if your profession depends on your hands for e.g. if you are a surgeon. Can you see my point? I struggle to comprehend that the worst thing that will happen is an emotion. Sure, you can change your thoughts and think that breaking an arm is great because you get to choose a different career path (in spite of 15 years of higher education that led to your current one;), but that doesn’t negate permanent damage to your body/life.

Thanks in advance!