The wrong goal?

Hi Brooke and Coaches,

I’m part of the upcoming Coach Training next month (so excited!!) and am working on my beliefs for the month of March. The belief I am practicing is “I make $45,000 in one year of my coaching business.” I’ve already been journaling on it for a good while, and am starting to believe it more and more and more.

I wonder if this is not the ‘wrong’ goal though? I feel like I will be very focused on making the money goal I’ve set, and not HELPING people and serving. I know scarcity is a feeling I’ll create, and I can’t help but wonder if this thought will create that, because as soon as 2 months go by and I’m not on track, brain will want to go into freak out mode and be thinking about the goal and the money, money, money – not serving and helping my clients.

I really want to get to $45k in my first year of business, but I don’t want to do it by focusing on money and not my clients. I feel like this thought focuses all on money. What should I change here?