These Thoughts Don’t Serve Me

A family friend is in real estate and owns a lot of investment properties. Even though my career is in a different niche, I’ve always had an interest in real estate and would like to pursue it in the next few years so I asked the friend if she would show me around and be there to mentor me when I was ready. We visited one of her properties and I was in awe the entire time. The 5 million dollar home looked like something out of a movie.
I went home that night and tried so hard to be inspired and motivated to work harder but I kept having thoughts like “this will never happen for me…I’m starting too late in life…she went to grad school…I could never work as hard as she had to get there…” thoughts that I know don’t serve me.
I’m even disappointed in myself for having these thoughts but I’m glad I’m actually aware of them since joining SCS.

Now, what’s next? How do I shake these thoughts? Do I keep working on my goals and just ignore them knowing they aren’t true OR do I try to change them then work on my goals?