Think Happy

I’ve been in a huge downward spiral this past week (yes, hormones are a huge part of it too). I’ve been feeling really low. Low about my job (I’m self employed) – lack of business. I’ve been feeling low about my family situation and kids and grades and how they’re showing up – because THAT must be on me, right? I’ve been stressed about the house and the general disarray. The list goes on because I’m spiraling. I tried talking to my husband about it and he said I’m focusing on all the wrong things. I should just THINK HAPPY. I think he doesn’t like hearing me complain (who would?) But I also feel it’s okay to do sometimes, it’s not like I’m a downer all the time. I’m just having a rough week – I’m having a 50% week. Not fun. Don’t like it. But it’s all part of being human, yes? AM I focusing on the wrong thing? I’m trying to stay with it and learn things about myself. Trying to invite my husband to learn things. But he doesn’t like it and that’s what I’m learning – that I can’t be fully human around him. This thought of course makes me feel terrible. Am I going about this all wrong?