I think I need a new compelling reason

So I’m struggling a bit with the next phase of my weight loss goal. I’m down since January from 198 pounds to 166 pounds. I’m 5’6 and busty so people keep telling me I look great and don’t need to lose anymore weight. My original goal was 158 which I pushed down to 150 as I was feeling so motivated. (And I’ll admit a little peer pressured by some of the goal weights here)

I’m on no sugar and no flour and IF with a 8 hour eating window and I feel great. I really could eat like this forever. I’ve fought and fought with urges and now really don’t want the sweet treats at work most of the time.

However now my weight loss has crawled to a halt (maybe 1/2 point every 2 weeks) and I know the solution is to really dial of my protocol and commit to a month or three of no drinking. But you know what, I don’t really want to…

My previous compelling reason was to have more energy to live every day and to do what I could to not age the way my parents did. And I’ve achieved a major turnaround here – I’ve lost 16% of my weight, I have heaps of energy and no afternoon slumps. My knees don’t creak and my ankles don’t hurt.

Part of me wants you to tell me it’s okay to stop here and focus on sow thing else. But the other part of me wants to get refocused and nail the last bit of my goal.