I Think Something Is Off With My Model

Hi Brooke!

Just as an exciting side note: I made the decision to move to Boston, I asked my current 9-5 if I can work remote, I’ve found and interviewed for a contract job for my consulting skills for a company fully remote, and I started my first coaching program of the year called “Thoughts to Power Positivity” where we focus not only on practical ways to make your life more positive but also how to change your foundation, YOUR THOUGHTS, to have a more positive lifestyle! 🙂 Super pumped about it and just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate all your help!

The real question:
I’m working with my friends and family on the model and my cousin is stuck on a particular model and I’m not sure how to help her.

C: There are things to do
T: There isn’t enough time
F: Anxious, mindlessness, and mind wondering
A: Takes action on each task with worry
R: Completes tasks with anxiety

She ultimately wants to complete the tasks without anxiety but something doesn’t feel right about the model, I’m not sure everything is in the right spot? I asked her what her goal result is and it’s to “complete the tasks without anxiety”. She states she is never worried that it will all get done because she knows she will get through it and it will all get done because it has to be done. So when we work through a new model this is what we had.

C: There are things to do
T: Time is here (she needed something neutral because she doesn’t truly believe the thought “I have more than enough time” or things like that
F: Calm, at peace
A: Takes action on each task in a calm manner
R: Completes tasks without anxiety

Again, something feels off, and I’m not sure what it is that is “wrong” so I was hoping to get your opinion. Thank you for your help!