Thinking about changing careers Part 2

“You could get another job next week and decide that you don’t like it again and it would be because of your thoughts, opinions, and perceptions.”

Yes, I agree. I want to be happy in my current career and have a “clean” thought space around it before I consider moving on to something else.

“What do you hope to gain from a job? What do you think your job should provide for you?”
I feel like this is a trick question because anything I hope to gain from my job can only be provided by my thoughts lol.

Having said that, my current thought is “I don’t like writing” but I would like writing to be something I enjoy, maybe even look forward to. As a content writer, it’s a core part of my business.

Is it possible that you are looking for perfect career to fill something within you that you aren’t giving to yourself?

I don’t think I’m looking for a perfect career to fill a void, but I see the “50%” bad as something that means the job isn’t right for me. In this case, it feels especially true because writing is what my business is about, so if I don’t like writing, it doesn’t make much sense to stay.

How do I go from “I don’t like writing” to “I love writing”? How do I clean up my thoughts around my job?

Another question, are like/dislikes ever innate? or are they always learned? My brain still has trouble seeing “I don’t like writing” as just a thought and not a fact of life based on its preferences.