Thinking about thoughts

hello dear Scholars teachers,

I just had a coaching call, but the internet connection was bad, so I have a question left open.

I was talking about me engaging a lot in my thoughts, trying to understand where they are coming from, aiming to “solve them” …
As far as I understood I was warned about this. “If you have a negative thought, thinking about it will not solve it …”
That kind of makes senses to me, as we often see our thoughts as our reality.

My issue is that at the moment I am getting so deep into thinking where my thoughts come from that actually miss other tasks that I planned or show up late.
It is a reason for me why I am having trouble committing to my calendar.

I seem to think that I need to understand my thoughts and why they are what they are. I do believe this wish to understand all kinds of connections is a trait of my rare personality (INFJ).

My question is, do I need to understand my thoughts, to change them?
Do I need to understand exactly how my mind works to make a mindset change?

I think the answer for me personally is yes, but it makes me feel overwhelmed!

Can you help me here, please?