thinking enough

I am considering to see my own thinking process as an urge. In some moments, mostly when I eat, I see my brain seeking the excitement (dopamine hit) deriving from this process:
– C thought about something I could do/develop/improve in the future
– T if I can find a great idea around this, my future will be better
– F excited
– A Brain keeps thinking and spinning around things I could do/develop/improve
– R agitation, which then makes me experience anxious eating and insomnia

So the following underlying beliefs are part of the picture:
– If I stop thinking these thoughts and I let them go I risk to lose these great ideas (and the possible) forever, they won’t come back
– If I find the right though/ I discover/understand this thing I am thinking my life will be better afterwards

Do you think it is useful for me to see these as urges? In these moments then I try to remind myself:
– I can trust my mind about its ability to generate ideas, there is no hurry to fix this now
– my life will be anyway 50/50
– without great ideas my life is equally enough

However I see myself not believing 100% to this intentional model. I am still very much attached to the belief that superthinking and my ability to generate thoughts and ideas is key for my satisfaction and is ultimately what will bring me to be completely fulfilled and aligned
Could you please offer me your perspective around this? thanks