Thinking I have to go through hoops to get what I want

I’m looking to move and came across something I would like to have in my new place. Thoughts like these came to mind:

  • “That’s too good”
  • “You can’t have that kind of house yet – you have to get this kind of place first (ie. an apartment [not a great one]) before you can get that kind of house”
  • “You have to earn it first”
  • “You have to qualify for it first”

I know these are probably thoughts and beliefs I picked up from how it’s been done around me, however, I’m not able to poke holes in these thoughts to move forward. Can you please help me?

I realize these same types of thoughts come up in dating as well. Thoughts like, ”you can’t just meet the one straight away, he can’t just be the next one you date, you have to go through a few guys first.” Any help to poke holes in these thoughts would be great. Thank you.