Thinking it’s going to be better when I reach my goal

I am loving this month’s homework and I am realizing that I feel a lot more negative emotion and have a lot more negative thoughts than I thought. One that keeps resurfacing and I could use help with is…

c: Where I am at in this moment
t: It’s going to be so much better when I reach my goal
f: deprived
a: take action begrudgingly, don’t enjoy the moment, am not present, resist feelings, question what I’m doing, don’t take massive action
r: Don’t enjoy the present and am convinced that I’ll feel better when I lose the weight, make the money and have the successful business

c: Where I am at in this moment
t: Where I am at is perfect
f: proud
a: take actions no matter what to reach my goal, experiment with trying things, be kind to myself along the way
r: Respect where I am at and keep moving forward

So I know on an intellectual level that when I reach my goal everything isn’t going to be magically better but I don’t believe that ‘where I am at is perfect.’ I feel stuck around this and could use some insight.

One other thing to note is that I don’t even want to set an official goal because I am failing ahead of time in fear of not reaching the goal. WHAT is this?? I’m excited to explore this though because having more understanding is going to help for sure.