Thinking that mom is going to die of cancer PT 2

Part of answer to last question:
“The truth is your mom is a grown adult and can do whatever she wants. The manual you have for your mom is standing in the way of you feeling love for your mom. If you let go of the idea that your mom should be handling her cancer treatment differently, what other thoughts are there? What do you learn from those thoughts?”

I can’t get to a neutral place with my mom’s actions because I can’t see her actions like stopping her treatment for a year or moving without having insurance to cover her treatment as neutral. I think her actions are irresponsible and wrong.

I remind myself that her actions are just actions and I’m making them mean they’re wrong with my thoughts.

But it all still feels like facts; like if we put an expert doctor on the stand to give his professional opinion, s/he would say the same thing. In fact, they have.

I want to get to a place of love and respect for her decisions and a line of thinking that says “Nothing has gone wrong here. This is supposed to happen because it is”, but I think she’s jeopardizing her life when she still has a child to raise and a family that loves her too much to see her die because of her choices.

What do I do?