Thinking that mom is going to die of cancer PT 3

Hey, had some questions about the last response. Coach responses are in quotes.

“Maybe you don’t want to believe that this is what’s supposed to happen, but what’s the upside to believing it should be different? It’s OK if you don’t want to believe her actions of stopping treatments are neutral, but when you argue with the reality of what is you’ll lose every time.”

–So is it possible to be both upset by her actions because I’m choosing to think I don’t agree with them AND also accept that she’s chosen to do this–regardless if the outcome means she might die as a result? Is it possible to hold space for how I feel and also hold space for her choices? Or is being upset not serving me?

“The only thing keeping you from the thoughts you want to believe is you. If you let go of the idea that she could die because of her choices, how could you show up for yourself, your mom, and your family during this time?”

—How can I work on letting go of the idea when I know it’s true? Her cancer had a 90% 5-year survival rate if she had operated in the beginning, as the doctor suggested. Now it’s 11%.

I want to be able to put that all aside and just show up as loving for however much time she has left on earth, but I know the fuel coming from thinking that our time together is probably short, and that’s because of her actions.