Thinking and ~when you’re following your protocol and the scale says you’ve gained weight

Hello! I have gained SO much from the Stop Overeating Master Class recordings (Im up to number 29), thanks you so much for this gift! Ive been eating a “bulletproof diet” and have been fat adapted on and off for about 10 months now and have seen great results with a 22lb weight loss. I was still having occasional sugar and even more occasional flour on the weekends, and some times in the evenings. In the last week, due to listening and applying what Ive learned in the Master Class I really don’t have a desire for these and they have fallen away! Hooray! What an amazing feeling, and thank YOU Brooke! I’m still finding Im thinking about my body and food more than I would like, the thoughts have changed and are mostly feeling excited, thinking about when I’ll reach my goal weight (which is 150lbs, Im 35, 5’8, and currently 162lbs) as well as what I’m going to eat next, is it enough, is it too much that kind of thing.

At first I was frustrated at myself and labeled these thoughts as “obsessive”, now I have trained myself to just notice the thoughts and acknowledge them. So question one is, do these thoughts ever go away?

Im not sure what thoughts to replace them with. I feel stumped as to what I should think about because I’ve spent so much of my life thinking about my weight/food/my body. Ive tried thinking about my business, but I get tired of always thinking the same thoughts about that too! So I guess I want to know, from someone very experienced with this and has seen many people go through it, is there a time when I will stop thinking about it so much? Maybe when Im through the weight loss phase and onto maintenance? Would so appreciate any insight to this.

The next part is about weighing yourself every day. What’s the best way to deal with the scale not budging or actually going up when you know you have been doing everything to plan.
The idea of the hunger scale rocked my world, and its only been since Friday morning (so 4 full days) but I haven’t strayed off bulletproof coffee for breakfast (butter, mct oil in my coffee), roast veggies and 2-4oz protein for lunch, and salad with 2-4oz of protein for diner. I haven’t felt hungry, I actually have noticed I get a little dizzy before I feel true hunger and then eat, and haven’t had desire for anything off my protocol, but I lost 2lbs the first day and then have gone up a bit each day since, back to where I was before plus a little bit.

I read up about the idea of your body holding onto fat if you’re not eating enough, and like I thought it’s all BS, so I know it’s not that. I know its only been 4 days, and you said in the Master Class not to change your protocol too quickly, and I truly know there’s nothing wrong with my protocol (I have a ton of education in nutrition and holistic health)- so my question is how do you handle when the scale goes the reverse way to what you would hope/expect, when you have a strong desire for progressing towards your goal weight? I am so grateful for the oppurtunity to ask you questions! THANK YOU Brooke!!! You’re the best 😉