hi there

so i moved in with my bf and he was really pissed sometimes and didn’t show very much affection. So i talked to him and he said he was just stressed. And than 1month later the same thing again and than he told me that he wants more sex meaning I never initiate it. And he is right.
So i thought about it a lot. and I really want to initiate sex more often and i sometimes tell myself that i would but then i chicken out. Because i feel emberassement. When I have lust than it doesn’t hold me back because yea i jsut want to have sex. But when i don’t have the extrem lust than i feel like i’m more aware of what i’m doing. Like i more critical of myself. I tend to more cuddle oder kiss him. More the sweet kind of way and not the sexy kind of way. The sexy kind of way feels more difficult to be and to act.

also i’m putting myself under a lot of pressure or i think that if i don’t change it oder can’t change it my relationship will fail. I’m already to the point where i think my relationship is on the edge. Because my fear is that i won’t make it to feel attracted so we can have more sex.

my goal is that I want to initate sex more. Like when he goes away for a weekend or something like that I feel more lust and than act upon that. I also did it when we first met. I felt more confident and just did it.
can you help me with this?

thanks so much