This feels terrible

Hi Brooke, I have all these thoughts about my SCS Work:

I’m not doing it right. I’m not getting results. I’m wasting money because I just keep spinning. I’m not making any progress. I’m so confused on what I should be focused on. I’m afraid SCS isn’t helping me.

They all feel terrible. I know they are just thoughts but they all feel so true. I really do want to make progress and have a better understanding of the model. I did all of January’s work and I have February’s work all ready and planned out. I feel like I’m also missing a piece of information, but I know that’s not true. Am I forcing myself into this the wrong way? It’s like I need to do all of the work perfectly in order to consider it done correctly and to “get the most out of it.” I’m just beating myself up over it all.

I know I know how to do a model. I’ve asked for help several times. Even with these negative thoughts, I still push through and do the work. But am I missing a piece? Am I not practicing the intentional model enough?

Can you help give clarity? Thank you!